Brixham Holidays

Brixham, nestled along the scenic South Devon coast, is the quintessential British seaside town, and a holiday here promises an enchanting escape filled with maritime charm, stunning vistas, and a myriad of activities to captivate every visitor. As you plan your Brixham holiday, let’s explore the allure of this coastal gem and the comforts awaiting you in our delightful holiday home.

Berry Head Road, Brixham
3 Bedrooms, 6 Guests
Modern Amenities

Discovering Brixham: A Maritime Haven

With its picturesque harbour teeming with fishing boats, vibrant houses lining the waterfront, and a rich maritime heritage, Brixham invites you to step back in time while embracing the beauty of the present.

The town’s history is intricately woven with tales of seafaring adventures, and a stroll along the historic Brixham Harbour provides a front-row seat to this maritime legacy. Watch the comings and goings of fishing vessels, indulge in the catch of the day at one of the local seafood restaurants, and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of this working fishing town.

Your Home Away from Home: A Comfortable Retreat

Nestled in the heart of Brixham, our holiday home is a cosy retreat designed to enhance your coastal experience. The living room welcomes you with its warm ambiance, complete with a crackling fireplace and plush seating – the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploration. The kitchen-diner beckons with its Torbay views, offering modern conveniences and a delightful space to craft your culinary creations.

Venture to the bedrooms, where comfort and convenience harmonise. The ground floor bedroom, with its 5-foot double bed and bunk beds, caters to families, while the master bedroom on the first floor boasts an en-suite shower room and a patio door leading to a steel decking area and lastly, the twin bedroom with beautiful views. Two bathrooms, including a large ground floor bathroom with a bathtub and separate shower, cater to your relaxation and practical needs.

Step into the conservatory off the kitchen – a tranquil oasis with seating for four and panoramic views across Torbay. Binoculars are at hand for a closer look at passing boats. Ascend the steep stairs to the two-level rear decking, where al fresco dining becomes an elevated experience. The front terrace, with its stone table and chairs for six, is the perfect setting for seaside meals.

Exploring Brixham: Activities and Attractions

Beyond the comfort of our holiday home, Brixham offers a plethora of activities and attractions to create a holiday brimming with memories. Embark on a stroll along the Brixham Breakwater, a picturesque walk offering stunning sea views and opportunities to spot seals and other marine life.

For a deeper dive into Brixham’s maritime history, a visit to the Brixham Heritage Museum is a must. Explore exhibits showcasing the town’s fishing legacy, shipwrecks, and the vibrant local community.

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the Berry Head National Nature Reserve, a designated UNESCO Global Geopark. Walk along the South West Coast Path, relishing the panoramic views of the coastline, and discover the remnants of an Iron Age fort. The reserve is not only a haven for wildlife but also welcomes well-behaved dogs, making it a delightful excursion for four-legged friends.

For an immersive experience in Brixham’s fishing industry, join a guided tour of the Brixham Fish Market. Witness the auctioning of the day’s catch and gain insight into the workings of this vital aspect of the town’s identity.

Boat trips from Brixham Harbour offer a different perspective of the South Devon coast. Choose from wildlife-watching excursions, fishing trips, or simply enjoy the sea breeze on a leisurely cruise.

Brixham also serves as an excellent base for exploring the wider South Devon area. Day trips to the elegant town of Torquay, the historic port of Dartmouth, and the wild landscapes of Dartmoor National Park await those eager to delve further into the region’s diverse offerings.

Brixham’s Beaches: Sun, Sand, and Sea

No coastal holiday is complete without a visit to Brixham’s beautiful beaches. Breakwater Beach, with its calm waters and panoramic views, invites you to relax under the sun. Fishcombe Cove, nestled in a secluded bay, offers a more intimate setting for sunbathing and beachcombing.

As the day draws to a close, the beaches provide the perfect vantage point for witnessing the breathtaking Brixham sunsets – a mesmerising blend of warm hues reflecting over the tranquil waters.

Embrace Brixham’s Coastal Magic

In the heart of Brixham, our holiday home awaits, offering not just a place to stay but a base for creating cherished memories. Whether you’re exploring the town’s rich maritime history, enjoying the panoramic views from the comfort of your holiday home, or embarking on coastal walks with your four-legged companion, Brixham beckons with its coastal magic.

As you plan your Brixham holiday, envision days filled with seaside strolls, delectable seafood, and evenings spent under the stars on the rear decking or front terrace. Embrace the maritime charm, the warmth of our holiday home, and the allure of Brixham’s coastal beauty. Your Brixham holiday promises not just a break from routine but an immersive journey into the heart of a charming seaside town that invites you to relax, explore, and create lasting memories by the sea.